Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I pretty much left this thing for dead, but apparently someone still comes around. I got an automated e-mail today that someone was trying to recover their lost password. Threw me for a loop, cause it was generated around 11am, and I was at work at that time.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I think I'm just plain lazy. I honestly have been meaning to update this a tad more than I have for you 2 people that have ever even came across this page. There really isn't any excuse for the lack of time I have thrown at this, besides the fact that I'm just plain lazy.

I guess I have some stuff to talk about, but not much of it seems important. I'm kinda busy right now, needing to take some pictures of the laptop I sold. I suppose I'll try to force myself to be more active when it comes to making these. Feels kinda good to let stuff out if I have nowhere else to turn to.

Well, until next time, take care and stay safe :)

Friday, October 07, 2005


... and welcome to the place I'll be bitching, whining, throwing tantrums, complaining, and just being sour all-around for the next little while.

Actually, it shouldn't be all that bad. I may make a positive post once in a while, like when the Colts or Braves win. Now that I think about it, there should be almost no negativity coming from me, hah!

I'm just getting this underway as of about 5 minutes ago, so it's still a bit hectic. That shouldn't last long at all though, considering my ability to find large gaps of time where I have absolutely nothing to do. So stay tuned, as I should be shooting the updates out rather quickly!